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United Futbol Academy


Who We Are





The United Futbol Academy (UFA) was established in 2010, out of the need to promote the game of soccer and to provide a new soccer experience for the community. UFA initially was a merger between Atlanta Soccer Academy and Forsyth Fusion Soccer Club in 2010. Since then, Norcross Soccer Academy in 2014 and South Georgia United in 2015 have joined UFA to establish a larger presence. UFA has also expanded into the areas of Dawson (2011), Lumpkin (2013), Lawrenceville (2016), Fannin and Pickens (2017), Metro Atlanta (2020) and Loganville (2022).

UFA competes against other clubs locally and within the state. In addition to this competition, many of our travelling teams successfully participate in regional leagues and tournaments including the Elite Clubs National League, South Atlantic Premier League, and the Southeastern Club Champions League.

UFA is devoted to providing a developmental structure along with quality instruction for children ages 3-18. In order to experience the game of soccer at every level, we offer various programs within the club: recreational, academy, select and TOPSoccer; which encompass each child’s soccer potential. We also offer an adult league for people over the age of 18.

UFA functions under the belief that the true value of success in soccer lies through the overall development of the individual player’s soccer skills (technical, tactical, physical and psychological) as opposed to the result of each game. To allow each player to develop at his or her own pace, we operate under the club system utilized around the world in which every player in each age group has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

UFA wants to be successful in creating an organization that sustains the club over time, contributes to the community, and provides valuable life experiences for young players.

UFA Mission:

To be the trusted source for an educational and enjoyable soccer institution, dedicated to meeting the soccer, fitness, and life-skill needs of our communities, families, and players at all skill levels, from novice to professional and casual to serious.

UFA Vision:

We aspire to be a leader in the dynamic youth sports industry by enhancing the quality of our current offerings, while expanding our services to adapt to the ever-evolving needs of our customer base and partnerships. 

Building upon our established reputation as a trusted provider in the soccer industry, we are committed to innovating and delivering increasingly meaningful services to our families and communities.

These services will redefine our membership’s perception of UFA, transcending from being solely a soccer club to being recognized as a club that leverages our reputation to provide a comprehensive range of soccer-connected services. Our commitment extends beyond the field and aims to promote fitness, personal growth, cultural experiences, and provide entertainment throughout our members’ lives.

Core Values: Respect, Professional, Inclusion, Support, Education, and Fun

Skills for Soccer. Skills for Life.


Our Locations

The United Futbol Academy (UFA) now has programs at the following locations:

- Forsyth
- Norcross
- South Georgia
- Mountains
- Lawrenceville
- Metro Atlanta
- Loganville


Player Development Philosophy

At UFA, our method to developing players begins at the grass roots level and continues through the highest levels of play within our programs. Our motto – Skills for Soccer, Skills for Life – is the backbone of our philosophy. While we strive to develop each player’s soccer potential at the pace of the player, we attempt to help instill the moral values of life into the game of soccer. It is our challenge and responsibility to create an environment in which players can reach their full soccer experience that is necessary to be successful both on and off the soccer field.

The main goals of our player development philosophy are to: 

  • Create a soccer atmosphere that is both age and ability appropriate.
  • Develop individual players who are comfortable 
    • receiving and releasing the ball,
    • attacking and defending in 1 v 1 situations
    • making creative decisions.
  • Build team players who collectively can understand the basic tactics and their relationship with their team mates, from 3v3 to 11v11.
  • Improve the fitness level and the desire to compete.
  • Provide an environment where learning is fun and expected.
  • Convey to our players that more learning creates more fun!

By doing so, we accomplish several goals: We help them gain tools that they can use to further unlock the game. The more tools and the more of the game they can unlock, the more enjoyable the game becomes. The more enjoyable the game becomes, the more they engage in the learning process and the more competent they become, and so on.


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